Lords of Thessaly: The Complete Series by Rachael Slate

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Wicked Lord of Thessaly
Eione, daughter of the Lapith Lord Macareus, goes hunting a lot, not exactly behaviour her family condones. But when she shoots what she thinks is an animal she is in for a bit of shock!! She has shot Agrius, one of the Centaur royals! Their kinds have never been friends but they are not technically at war any more so she decides to save him.

Agrius risks everything by venturing onto Lapith territory. But he feels the reward outweighs the risk. His brother is slipping slowly into madness after the loss of his mate and the spring water can save him.

When Eione learns her family have decided to sell her off as wife to the highest bidder, she decides to take back her life and runs. But the only place she thinks she’ll be safe is the lands belonging to the Lord she just shot!

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