New Release: Temptation’s Inferno by Kat Mizera 

I absolutely FLOVE Kat, she has a way with words that just sucks you in and keeps you begging for more. 

Temptation’s Inferno by Kat Mizera is NOW AVAILABLE!

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“Every now and then you pick up a book that grips you and won’t let go and THIS is one of those books.” – Sweet & Spicy Reads

Two men. One threesome. Zero expectations.

Jamie Teller has had a rough year. After being blackmailed by a teammate, weathering a sex scandal, and being traded to a team on the other side of the continent, he’s overwhelmed and looking for a distraction. A sexy threesome with his burly roommate and his wife wasn’t expected–neither is his sudden attraction to a guy.

Viggo Sjoberg has been openly bisexual since he was 17, but he’d always assumed he would settle down with a woman. When he’s surprised with news he has a child from a past fling, he jumps headfirst into marriage and fatherhood, but his new wife isn’t what she appeared to be. Adding to Viggo’s confusion are the feelings aroused by his seemingly straight roommate, Jamie.

When Jamie moves thousands of miles away, Viggo tells himself it’s over. Until a life-changing event puts the two men on a collision course. Suddenly, Jamie needs Viggo—badly—and Viggo is prepared to do whatever it takes to help. Even if it means he has to give up everything he always thought he wanted.

••Author’s Note from Kat: This series is somewhat darker than my other books. Although they are all HEA’s, there are elements of BDSM, ménage, hate crimes, vigilante justice and LGBTQ relationships throughout the series. If you’re concerned about trigger warnings, this may not be the series for you.

•*•*•* If you haven’t read Salvation’s Inferno, don’t worry, Temptation’s can be read as a standalone.

 If you want to read the first book though, you can grab it below: 

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Baseball superstar Dante Lamonte is a broken man. Reeling from the horrific double murder that took the lives of his pregnant fiancée as well as his best friend, he drowns in alcohol and sex, but never finds relief.

Becca Hernandez is a sweet girl with terrible luck with men—and worse luck with sex. Her one-night stand with a man who is way out of her league was also totally out of her character. Dante took her out of her comfort zone… she loved everything he did to her, but she knows nothing can come of it.

When their paths cross again, they can’t resist each other. One night of passion turns into much more, but they struggle to get through the bases of this new relationship. Dante’s demons may destroy him, and when details of their less than vanilla night are leaked to the press, Becca stands to lose everything—her job, her reputation and Dante. Love may be their only salvation.

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Favorite Color: Purple 

Today’s book challenge was to share purple with you, which is my favorite color. So I took book covers that I’ve read that are violet. 

•Zakk (Las Vegas Sidewinders #5) by Kat Mizera:

Las Vegas Sidewinders series:

•Unexpected Forfeit by Sapphire Knight:

•Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn:

Stroked Series:
Today was beautiful but a bit chilly because of the wind. 

I’ve been debating a new kindle case and I found this one:

I also found this cool book holder that doubles as a travel pillow:

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Current Read

So there were two challenges today: what I’m currently reading and the color orange. 

Current Read~ Crazy Pucking Love by Cindi Madsen:

Orange~ Friction by Sapphire Knight:
Today is gorgeous so we are cooking out (Steak and Ribs!) 

I found this awesome tumbler and it makes me want my custom one even more (from Knights Creations, I’ll leave the links below)

For this tumbler, click here:  Hockey tumbler:

And I found some cool Orange aviators:

Knights Creations is run by my best girl friend and her husband, and they do a ton of different things; Decals to tumblers to clothing. You can check them out on Facebook, although they aren’t taking any custom orders until after Windy in the City (May 13), you can still message and ask questions:

Red Books

Today’s challenge: Red. The Scarlet Scars series is amazing. I absolutely FLOVE JM Darhower as it is and then these books come along and she doesn’t disappoint! I know that Grievous technically isn’t “red” but there is no way I can recommend one without the other. 

~JM Darhower~


So today was absolutely beautiful outside. I think spring is finally coming around. 

And I’m reading Crazy Pucking Love by Cindi Madsen while I’m not writing.

To go with the RED theme and it actually ends up fitting right in with the Scarlet Scars series, I found this awesome mug:

And then this really cool light up red wine picture:

Genre Love

Today’s challenge is all about the genres we love to read. Everyone has their favorite type of book to read, but the best part is that you don’t have to stick to just one. There are so many genres and sub genres out in the world that it’s like picking my favorite appendage; I can’t pick just one. So I narrowed it down to two… for now. 

I FLOVE Hockey and organized crime mixed with romance, so I picked a handful of my favorites. 

•Pucked Off by Helena Hunting:

•Dominic (Las Vegas Sidewinders #1) by Kat Mizera:

•With Us by Layla Frost:

•Ghost by A. Zavarelli:

•Gangster by Sapphire Knight:
I picked up Nerd Girl by Jemma Bell yesterday (Ghost was amazing btw: :

It’s been raining all day (and I mean since 3 am) and my body is miserable like the weather… anyway so rain = cold and yuck. WTForcast was spot on:

Because it’s 43° out I have my fuzzy socks on (I’m always cold.) so why not have some hockey slipper socks:

And I love this decal, I have a similar one I need to put on my car:

Book Friendships

Today’s challenge is all about being besties. So I chose the two friends I always think about when the word is mentioned: Frankie and Lindsay. 

Their relationship is so unique that it’s the best kind there is: Heterolifemates. I just love them. It doesn’t hurt that their relationship is based off of the author’s own. 😜

Paige Conners~


•Big Meat:
It was beautiful today! I was able to have my sunroof open when I ran to the post office and didn’t freeze my ass off! But WTFORECAST is still a downer: 

I’m still reading Ghost:

These Friendship keychains are so cute I couldn’t help but want to share:
And this mug is definitely one I’d share with my bestie, but the best part is that it matches Frankie with her recipes and Lindsay with her coffee addiction!

Until next time! 😁♥️