Daylight Savings – Time Travel

Today’s book challenge was all about Time Travel. Now, I haven’t read any Romances that involve time travel (if you have any recommendations for me, let me know in the comments) so instead I went and found books related to my favorite time traveling doctor. I am a Whovian, there I’ve said it. I refuse to take it back, I’m proud. 

Personally I’m a Tennant fan, and I like Smith and Eccleston. I tried to watch Capaldi, but I just can’t do it. I don’t feel he’s the Doctor, and as much as I love Clara, I haven’t watched the newer episodes minus a handful. NOW, I did hear that there are whispers of a new doctor soon, maybe even a ginger Doctor! 

Moving on… books! I found a coloring book (that’s totally going on my wishlist) and one filled with Time Lord Fairy Tales. 

•Doctor Who Coloring Book by James Newman Gray:

•Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales by BBC Children’s Books:


I’m still reading Co-Wrecker, and Beta reading for an amazing author. They’re both so good, too! I’m almost excited for this Nor’easterner that we’re supposed to be getting tomorrow night into Wednesday early. It means snowed in with the husband and catching up on reading! 

And just because, Brought to you by Snapchat filters and Clay cuddles:


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