March Book Haul

Today is the last day of March, so today the challenge is my Book Haul. I’ve taken my Goodreads list of all the books I’ve read in March to show you. Don’t worry there’s only 6, I left one off because I didn’t enjoy it enough to recommend. 

•Catch Me by Natalie Rios:

•Untamed Lord of Thessaly by Rachael Slate:

•Las Vegas Sidewinders: Zakk by Kat Mizera:

•Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn:

•1st Time Love by Sapphire Knight:

•Cody’s Christmas Surprise by Kat Mizera:
I’ve picked up Ghost by A. Zavarelli (I loved the first two books in the series.):

It’s rainy and cold, so it’s the perfect time to cuddle up with a book! 

What better way to spend a cold wet day inside than with a book, comfy clothes and a cup of tea or coffee? These Hamlet leggings, I’ve had my eye on for a while they’re so cool:

And this Book Dragon cup is just amazeballs! I love the saying:

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Felix Felicis ~ Lucky Find

Today is about luck, so I’ve chosen to feature my favorite Irish Mafia and an Unlucky to Lucky love. Cayce Poponea is one of my favorite authors. She such a sweetheart and her words are like a piece of chocolate when your sugar is low (oh so satisfying!) 

Text 2 Lovers was recommended to me, and was one of those books that the main character makes a mistake and it ends up being one of the best things to ever happen to them; Misfortune to Luck. 

•Cayce Poponea ~

*Shamrocks & Secrets:

*Claddagh & Chaos:

*Stolen Secrets:

*Secret Sins:

•K. Webster & JD Hollyfield ~

*Text 2 Lovers:
I’m still reading Catch Me and enjoying it (Kindle says I have about 4hrs left of reading so maybe I’ll finish up tomorrow):

The weather was beautiful today, but it was super windy so, chilly. 

As for Themed purchases, I found this awesome Flask that I totally want to buy:

And THIS shot glass; Liquid Luck indeed!:

Tolkien Tuesday 

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today we’re looking at J. R. R. Tolkien books. Ive seen the LOTR movies, and read The Hobbit, but other than that I’m a little lost when it comes to the writing, so I chose The Lost Tales of Middle Earth for my challenge today. 

•The Lost Tales of Middle Earth 1:

•The Lost Tales of Middle Earth 2:

•The Hobbit:
The weather today is warmer, but it’s dark, wet and dreary. 

Still reading Catch Me:

Everyone should know by now that I love tea, and today’s theme calls for it! It was hard to decide which one to share, but I went with Gandalf:

And what does tea go in? A mug and there were TWO I just had to share. Because A, Second Breakfast… always second breakfast even if it’s breakfast for dinner:

And I sometimes summon my inner Golum before I’ve had my first cup:

Shelfie Sunday…Belated

So I’m a little late, but yesterday’s challenge was Shelfie Sunday and I forgot to post it here. I’m excited to show off my new shelf because I’m so proud of my husband for making it. I have matching one coming and when it’s filled I’ll do another photo and list. 

Here’s a list of all the books on this shelf~

•Sublime Wreckage by Charlene Zapata:

•That Part Was True by Deborah McKinlay:

•Strands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson:

•Toxic Heart by Theo Lawrence:

•A Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire:

         The Series Starter:

•Conflicted by M.M. Koenig:

        The Series:

•Knox by Cassia Leo:

•The Redhead Revealed by Alice Clayton:

        The Series:

•Last Call by Alice Clayton:

        The Series:

•Nuts by Alice Clayton:

        The Series:

•Steel & Lace by Adriane Leigh:

        The Series:

•My Secret to Keep by Josie Charles:

•Captivated by You by Sylvia Day:

       The Series (1-4):

•The Contract by Melanie Moreland:

•Since I Saw You by Beth Kerry:

      The Series starter Because You Are Mine:
Today started out rainy and cold (probably between 35 & 40) but all of a sudden it’s sunny and I can go outside without a jacket. 

I finished Zakk, read through Untamed Lord of Thessaly by Rachael Slate, and now I’m moving onto Catch Me by Natalie Rios:

Since I can’t really sell my bookshelf (unless you want one fanshioned by Arc-ology) I found this really cool floating bookshelf on Amazon:

And to go with shelving, who doesn’t  want cool bookends?

Book Maps: The Looking Glass Wars

I love Alice in Wonderland, but this rendition is an absolute favorite! This series is very high on my recommendation list, especially for Wonderland Lovers. 

Frank Beddor~ 

The Looking Glass Wars:

Seeing Redd:


Today was freezing and super windy. We had gusts up to 30mph and it was kind of crazy. 

I’m still reading Zakk, because I’ve been working on my second book as well. 

To follow the rabbit hole, and my love of tea, I have a tea set for you today:

And because it was cold enough to need a fleece blanket, you should snuggle up with this Grimm Fairy Tales beauty:

Bibliophile Characters

Characters who love to read are today’s challenge and I couldn’t be happier to share these two books with you. 

Paige is one of my absolute best friends and a fellow bibliophile, just like her characters. I hope you’ll take a chance and grab her books: 

Paige Conners’ 

• Mirepoix:

• Big Meat:

Today was beautiful! Temperatures were up in the high 40s, but now it’s getting chilly:

I’m reading something new! I picked up Zakk (Las Vegas Sidewinders) by Kat Mizera. 

I absolutely love hockey romance, and this series is one of the best!

Make your inner bibliophile stand out:

Say it loud, say it proud… or you know just wear it on a shirt:

Under The Sea ~ Blue Books

Pretty blue books for a gorgeous day! Oh wait it rained, snowed, and sleeted today, lol. 

These are some of my favorite authors. These books are all part of a series, but Mirepoix and Stroked can be read as a standalone. 


More Than Once by Elizabeth Brigg:



Mirepoix by Paige Conners:



Stroked by Meghan Quinn:


Today’s weather was crappy, but hey, WTFORECAST says:

And I’ve been super busy with my family and my new release, so I’m still finishing up Co-Wrecker. 

Under the Sea means mermaids! And reading means being cuddled up in comfort! I love this blanket:

You can get your own here:

And this mug is really awesome!

You can grab this mug here: