Cover Reveal: A. Sloan’s Longing For Her

I’m so excited to share the beauty with yous! So no stalling here it is:


 Longing For Her is Book 2 in the Longing for Love Series and is Tanner & Kayla’s Story. 

The love of a soulmate can be easy.

It can be your best friend.

It can be your partner.

It can be both.

Or it can be a lifelong exchange of back and forth

love and hate but always being there for each other.

That connection always pulling you back together.
For Kayla, Tanner has always been her person. Her then, now and always. He has been her rock, her best friend even her lover. But never for more then a night, most of the time a drunken night.

However, one night changes everything, and opens up a world

that nightmares are made of. Can Tanner fix her broken pieces this time? Will he be there when the worst is yet to come? Or will he walk away for good this time?

Tanner has only ever loved one woman. That one woman has been his best friend since he was a kid. What was a childhood friendship turned into the love of a woman. She knows everything about him. Good, bad even his torrid past.

A past that he’s used to try and push his feelings away of the only woman he loves, his trouble, his heart. However, he knows he isn’t good enough for her, he learned that at an early age. He vowed to protect her and be there for her no matter what. But it guts him when she is hurt. When tragedy hits and he swoops in to pick up the pieces to put her back together again as he always has. He discovers his world has been ripped apart as well.

And the only way to fix it, is to tell her a secret that will most likely shatter the heart of the only woman that has or will ever hold his heart.

And possibly shred their relationship.
When tragedy hits for a second time.

Will they survive it or will Tanner lose his soulmate.


A. Sloan

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