July 1, 2015 New Releases!

*Updated 7/2/16*  

NEW RELEASE from Author J.W. Snootz!THE THIRD

Keegan has a long list of things to worry about in life, but LOVE is dead last on that list. Trying to figure out how and why you keep disappearing and ending up in different parts of the country. Coupled with how it all ties into The 3rd has to take precedence. Even when you would rather just fall in love and be normal. Sometimes the strange universe has bigger plans for you than your usual dark, back alley deals and stripper girlfriends. Something more is always at work, and running from it just does not seem to be working anymore. Where will Keegan end up next? Will the Third Sight finally become a useful tool or are all the twists and turns life throws going to be too much to bear? The best things in life always come in 3’s don’t they!? 

**May contain suggestive material, erotic sex scenes, and language not suitable for anyone under 18** **Approx. 65 Print Pages!!**


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ON THE ROPES is out TODAY! Only 2.99 for a limited time! Giovanni and Carly finally get their story…and it’s a dirty, dark, romantic HOT one!


 He’s willing to die for vengeance, until she gives him a reason to live…The fighter…

Giovanni Costas is the newest hotshot fighter in New York City’s underground MMA scene. From the outside, he’s on top of the world. Winning all his matches, getting all the women he could ever want. The truth isn’t nearly so bright. Isolated and alone, far from his family in Vegas, he’s struggling with inner demons that threaten to swallow him whole.
The stakes…
The more Giovanni fights, the closer he gets to the people who ripped away the most precious thing in his life. Eradicating them is his only focus…until he meets his reason for turning his back on the seedy world that has consumed him for two years.
Carly Anderson is living a double life. A culinary student by day and a dancer by dark, Carly spends her nights in a cage of her own choosing. Flirting with danger is the only thing that dulls the pain from her past. When she catches the eye of the wrong men, it’ll take the right one to save her. If Giovanni doesn’t break her—and himself—in the process…
Warning: please be advised this book contains content some may find triggering (physical and sexual trauma) and also contains graphic sex and language. Shadowboxer, book 1, out 2/7/14


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