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I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here, and I’m still reading, but I’m also working on two different books at the moment off and on. One is the next book to Shutter For Me, but will follow Lizy & Bastian. Don’t worry, Cheric & Lendal will make their appearances ;-). The other book in the works, is a completely different genre. I’m dabbling in Sports RomCom… hockey. Most people who know me, know I’m a little obsessed, more so in the past season, because the hubby bought season tickets for our local AHL. Most fans will say you can’t root for more than one team per level, but I say that’s wrong, because I just absolutely love the game. I’m a Binghamton Devils fan, so that means I cheer on the New Jersey Devils, because that could be my boys playing! I will always be a Chicago Blackhawks fan because that was the first team I watched and who made me fall in love with the game, thanks to Helena Hunting’s Pucked Series: https://amzn.to/2tGKy1j who intrigued me enough with her books to watch it!
Then there are the Vegas Golden Knights. When I found out there was going to be a team set in Vegas, I was ecstatic. Before even knowing the roster, I said “They are going to surprise the hell out of everyone and thrive. They may even make it to the playoffs.” My friend Sansa calls me a true fan, because win or lose, I stick by my boys. I never dreamed the golden misfits, would end up going to the cup. I’m sad they lost, but at the same time they showed everyone what a team is like. The hometown support was amazing, and I don’t mean the fans to the team, I’m talking about the players becoming a family with the locals. That made me love them even more.

Anyway, I got off track, hockey does that to me. So this other book, which I’ve titled, but I’m not sure if it will stick yet; is going to be different for my writing experience, but I think it will help broaden my genre spectrum as well. Here’s a small excerpt:

(© Linz Lenay 2017)

*Subject to change before publication; Unedited*

The band has been playing for about an hour, our bellies are satisfied and Storm is a bit tipsy. I’ve been drinking my tea and having a shot every other cup, conscious enough to be an adult but also let myself go a bit. We’re dancing along to J’s beautiful voice, having a great time when I feel someone rub against my ass. I brush it off, the floor is packed being such a small area, but when it happens again, and this time is paired with a come on, I stiffen.

Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause I’d like to have this sweet ass.”

Without thinking, I turn around and punch the asshole right in the nose.

The fuck you will. Keep your hands to yourself and get some new lines.”

Shit, Gaige! Man, are you okay?”

Yeah, but what the fuck!?”

I look to this Gaige and his friend incredulously as I cradle my hand and wrist, because his face was really hard and now it’s throbbing.

Seriously? You grab my ass, hit on me, and ask why the hell I hit you?”

Look, Killer, I apologize for myself, but I’m also drunk. Gaige didn’t do anything but brush past you. I’m Karter, by the way.” He sways a little as he throws his hand in my face for a shake. I just look at it.

Wow, you’re adorable. I’m Storm, this is is Dasia. She’s not going to shake your hand.” I hold in my giggle at her sarcastic start of conversation.

I look over at Gaige an notice he’s no longer holding his nose, but even in the strobe lighting, I can tell it’s swelling. Now I feel bad because I hit him, but also want to strangle his friend. I’m a mixture of emotion right now.

I run and grab a waitress with my good hand and ask for ice in a cloth for him, which she’s quick to get me. I’m lucky enough that Storm and Karter are in some kind of heated argument, that I can’t really hear over the song playing, because that means Gaige is still standing there trying to get his friend out of the war zone. I get his attention when I reach them, and hand him the ice with an apologetic look on my face. I feel guilty when he takes it and pulls me off to the side where it’s a little quieter. Instead of using it on his face, he gently takes my right hand and puts the ice on my wrist.

I’ve had worse to the face. It was more surprising than anything, I’ll live. You on the other hand look like you need this ice more.” His voice is like molasses. A bit gravely, but smooth.

It’s then that I take in his appearance. He’s tall, almost a foot taller than myself, his hair is shorter on the sides and longer on top where it looks soft enough to run my fingers through. His nose, although swollen, looks like this isn’t it’s first break, which for some reason makes my panties scream at me to toss them at him. It gives him that bad boy rebel look, especially paired with his beard, that shows off his beautiful cheekbones, full lips and bright green eyes. He has broad shoulders, and his arms look like they could do some damage to anyone that pisses him off, but with the gentle touch he’s using also protect anyone he cares for. As I’m looking over his arms, I notice that his thermal shirt is pushed up a little, revealing a nature scene on one arm and a tattoo that makes me giggle on his left forearm.

He looks at me curiously when I laugh out loud, so I flip over my left wrist to show him my hockey heart sticks. He lights up at it and understanding blooms in his eyes.

Nice ink.”

So, there you have a piece of my WIP, let me know what you think. You can email me (Linzlenayauthor@gmail.com), comment on here. or even stalk me:

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SO that’s it for now on my writing. I’ve been reading a lot lately too, in between the word-cave. I read an ARC for Rockaway Bride by Pippa Grant (OMG I loved it), and a friend, Lizzie Lee, also released a book, The Blessing, that I’ve been reading in between ARCs & writing. I’ll leave the links for those below!

Rockaway Bride: https://amzn.to/2tRQQue

The Blessing: https://amzn.to/2yVwx5b

 And just in case you missed it before:

Helena Hunting’s Pucked Series:


If you haven’t had the chance to check out my book, Shutter For Me, please do. It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited, which also means Prime Reading/Lending library, too!:


That’s all for me for now, I hope it won’t be too long before we catch up again!


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Melanie Moreland, NYT/USA Today Bestselling Author

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Lords of Thessaly: The Complete Series by Rachael Slate

Nikki's Book Nook


Wicked Lord of Thessaly
Eione, daughter of the Lapith Lord Macareus, goes hunting a lot, not exactly behaviour her family condones. But when she shoots what she thinks is an animal she is in for a bit of shock!! She has shot Agrius, one of the Centaur royals! Their kinds have never been friends but they are not technically at war any more so she decides to save him.

Agrius risks everything by venturing onto Lapith territory. But he feels the reward outweighs the risk. His brother is slipping slowly into madness after the loss of his mate and the spring water can save him.

When Eione learns her family have decided to sell her off as wife to the highest bidder, she decides to take back her life and runs. But the only place she thinks she’ll be safe is the lands belonging to the Lord she just shot!

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Earth’s Mate (Lords of Krete #2) by Rachael Slate

Nikki's Book Nook

Kleo is in charge of the Amazon breeding ritual. Herding Amazons and those males who seek to best them in order to win the chance to lay with them and breed possible Amazons or future heirs for themselves.


But when she shoots at a bear and it promptly turns into a man, a very large, handsome man at that, Kleo returns to the safety of the Amazon enclave. But when Arctus arrives at the camp seeking aid in his family’s war with King Minos and the Minotaurs, he finds himself fighting Kleo instead of soliciting aid. But when she is bested Kleo long held fears over mates, children and her own pride resurface. Can Arctus win this feisty Amazons heart? Or will he return home with no mate and no aid?

Magic, divine intervention, love, loss and a heavy dose of stalker mythology style! Great read!

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Shutter For Me

Book Blitz: Shutter For Me
by Linz Lenay
Genre: Romantic Suspense / Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: SK Designs
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Available Now and Free on Kindle Unlimited
For years photographer, Lendal Kristo, has had her eye on the ink slinging bad boy across the street. What she doesn’t know is that Cheric Sterling has had his eyes on her, too. Once he breaks the ice they both begin to realize how much time they’ve wasted.
Learning about each other and trying to build a relationship is hard enough, but with Cheric’s family and Lendal’s friends they might have a shot at beauty.
What will they do when they find out that there’s someone out there who has their eyes on Lendal, too?
*Involves kinky sexual content not suitable by minors. Trigger warnings for violence…

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New Release: Temptation’s Inferno by Kat Mizera 

I absolutely FLOVE Kat, she has a way with words that just sucks you in and keeps you begging for more. 

Temptation’s Inferno by Kat Mizera is NOW AVAILABLE!

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“Every now and then you pick up a book that grips you and won’t let go and THIS is one of those books.” – Sweet & Spicy Reads

Two men. One threesome. Zero expectations.

Jamie Teller has had a rough year. After being blackmailed by a teammate, weathering a sex scandal, and being traded to a team on the other side of the continent, he’s overwhelmed and looking for a distraction. A sexy threesome with his burly roommate and his wife wasn’t expected–neither is his sudden attraction to a guy.

Viggo Sjoberg has been openly bisexual since he was 17, but he’d always assumed he would settle down with a woman. When he’s surprised with news he has a child from a past fling, he jumps headfirst into marriage and fatherhood, but his new wife isn’t what she appeared to be. Adding to Viggo’s confusion are the feelings aroused by his seemingly straight roommate, Jamie.

When Jamie moves thousands of miles away, Viggo tells himself it’s over. Until a life-changing event puts the two men on a collision course. Suddenly, Jamie needs Viggo—badly—and Viggo is prepared to do whatever it takes to help. Even if it means he has to give up everything he always thought he wanted.

••Author’s Note from Kat: This series is somewhat darker than my other books. Although they are all HEA’s, there are elements of BDSM, ménage, hate crimes, vigilante justice and LGBTQ relationships throughout the series. If you’re concerned about trigger warnings, this may not be the series for you.

•*•*•* If you haven’t read Salvation’s Inferno, don’t worry, Temptation’s can be read as a standalone.

 If you want to read the first book though, you can grab it below: 

Amazon ➤ http://amzn.to/2or1ZOP

iBooks ➤ http://apple.co/2l8zG6b

Nook ➤ http://bit.ly/2mb0iZ1

ADD TO GOODREADS ➤ http://bit.ly/2kTg3S1


Baseball superstar Dante Lamonte is a broken man. Reeling from the horrific double murder that took the lives of his pregnant fiancée as well as his best friend, he drowns in alcohol and sex, but never finds relief.

Becca Hernandez is a sweet girl with terrible luck with men—and worse luck with sex. Her one-night stand with a man who is way out of her league was also totally out of her character. Dante took her out of her comfort zone… she loved everything he did to her, but she knows nothing can come of it.

When their paths cross again, they can’t resist each other. One night of passion turns into much more, but they struggle to get through the bases of this new relationship. Dante’s demons may destroy him, and when details of their less than vanilla night are leaked to the press, Becca stands to lose everything—her job, her reputation and Dante. Love may be their only salvation.


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Favorite Color: Purple 

Today’s book challenge was to share purple with you, which is my favorite color. So I took book covers that I’ve read that are violet. 

•Zakk (Las Vegas Sidewinders #5) by Kat Mizera: http://amzn.to/2p1L2i0

Las Vegas Sidewinders series: http://amzn.to/2nKytYk

•Unexpected Forfeit by Sapphire Knight: http://amzn.to/2ozizMm

•Stroked Hard by Meghan Quinn: http://amzn.to/2peOrqA

Stroked Series: http://amzn.to/2pz5SRY
Today was beautiful but a bit chilly because of the wind. 

I’ve been debating a new kindle case and I found this one: http://amzn.to/2os6RUG

I also found this cool book holder that doubles as a travel pillow: http://amzn.to/2p1zGKL

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